Case studies

A rising star

A young person came to live in one of our home as a bridging placement, but they soon realised they wanted to stay for longer, so after some negotiations, we managed to ensure the young person could stay.

In the beginning, this young person presented some extremely high risk behaviours;  MFH (missing from home) and substance misuse.  Through patience, support and working with this young person, the team began to slowly encourage positive behaviours, discourage the use of alcohol and illegal substances and show this person the benefits of building healthy relationships.

Eight months on, and this young person has matured emotionally and is now motivated to find employment in the local area.

There have been no MFH episodes for a 2-month period and alcohol use has completely ceased.  Their drug use is very minimal, as they now recognise this is not a healthy output.

This young person has become very self-aware and will now discuss what is negatively impacting their life currently as trust has been built with the team.

“The only person you should try to be better than… is the person you were yesterday.”


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