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At Next Step Independence we strive every day to provide our children and young people with the very highest level of support and encouragement, but above all our continued commitment to them as individuals, regardless of the challenges with which they present.

Working with them is a privilege, but it can sometimes be difficult to remember the journey of progress you have travelled when you are still in the thick of it! For this reason, it is always with real gratitude that we accept positive feedback from our local authority partners and from the social workers who work with us to ensure our young people succeed.

Over the last 8 months we have worked with a young person from Devon. His social worker recently fed back his admiration for a team who, “didn’t give up on him when other providers would have served notice.” despite multiple challenges and that he felt their “resilience as a team” was fundamental to him now feeling he has a place to belong and where he feels safe.

All names have been removed or changed for the purpose of these case studies.

Keys to her own flat!

Back in April 2021 a very shy, young person came to live in one of Next Step Independence’s home.  To begin with, she kept herself to herself and didn’t engage…

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Above and beyond

Before coming to Next Step Independence, this young person had numerous  placements, which failed very quickly and resulted in them being served notice for anti-social behaviour. We knew that we…

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A rising star

A young person came to live in one of our home as a bridging placement, but they soon realised they wanted to stay for longer, so after some negotiations, we…

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Now living life to the full

A young person came into our support under difficult circumstances and went to live at Victoria House. In agreement with the social worker, this young person, and the team, set…

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Riding high!

A massive congratulations to one of our young people at Victoria House who has successfully passed his Motor Bike CBT Course first time! The whole team are very proud of their young person’s…

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The right placement

Another young person we supported, had a history of placement breakdown, with placements often just lasting a few days or weeks. Prior to her admittance, we were informed that staff…

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The love of horse-riding

One of the young people who we have supported, was a young person who had a mental health diagnosis and a history of self-injurious behaviour, who would display bursts of…

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Finding your voice

When we first received the referral for this young person it was clear that she was in an absolute crisis. Needing the support of multiple staff at any one time…

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What a transformation

No matter how long you have worked with young people it is still an amazing moment to open an email and read the words “what a transformation we have seen…

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