Case studies

Keys to her own flat!

Back in April 2021 a very shy, young person came to live in one of Next Step Independence’s home.  To begin with, she kept herself to herself and didn’t engage with the team.  She always said that when she left NSI she wanted to move to a flat of her own.

This young person needed support to develop her independence skills, to find a job, to manage her own money and lots of other things, including making sure she was looking after herself.  She also needed support to manage her emotions and learn how to deal with challenging and stressful situations.

The team listened and supported her in a way she wanted to be supported, the team encouraged her to make a CV, the team started doing lots of activities in the home but did not force her to join in, the team made sure they were available to speak to her when she wanted to talk.

To the team’s delight, our young person found a job near her boyfriend and the team supported her for an internal placement move so she could travel to and from work independently and be nearer to her boyfriend and family.  During this time, the team offered reassurance and set firm boundaries as well as showing that they trusted her and were able to support her to develop her independence skills.

Now in August 2022, our young person now has a fulltime job and has today picked up the keys to her own flat!

In her own words…  “Out of all the placements I have been this is the best and I am not just saying that!”




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