Case studies

What a transformation

No matter how long you have worked with young people it is still an amazing moment to open an email and read the words “what a transformation we have seen in this young man”. That is exactly what stopped the Home Manager of our Cherry Tree House this week in his tracks.

The email was received from the farm where one of our young people is currently working and was the confirmation of what the whole team have experienced since the young man started work earlier in the year.

In the beginning, the team on the farm welcomed the young person who was wary around the animals and lacked confidence in his ability to complete the tasks asked of him.

Now after only a few short months this young person is thriving on everything the farm can challenge him with from mucking out, working directly with the animals, and even learning how to administer antibiotics to some very cross sheep!

With all this new-found knowledge has come a real feeling of belonging and pride in the farm where this young man has made friends, learned new skills, and become part of the team

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