Case studies

Now living life to the full

A young person came into our support under difficult circumstances and went to live at Victoria House.

In agreement with the social worker, this young person, and the team, set small goals to work towards and created a visual incentive plan on a weekly basis, to support and help her focus.

These goals related to routines, basic life skills, travel on public transport and engaging in the wider community. All of which had proved difficult prior to her living at Victoria House.

In addition to these goals, the young person began to carry out other tasks around the home. The home has a weekly ‘To Do’ house list (Not Chores!) where the young people are given specific jobs, and if completed to a reasonable ‘Teenager’ standard, there is a financial, or activity-based reward – which this young person embraced !00%!

This resulted in her saving £110 which she used to have special trip to the hairdressers where she was pampered and a new look she loved!

As her confidence grew, so did her willingness to get involved and try something new and doing things like joining a gym or jogging with the team – so much so the whole team got very fit!

But it did not stop there… She went on to paddle-boarding, playing football and even attended training sessions at Torquay United Community Academy – which she was amazing at. She also

started to work part-time at the local Children’s Society Charity Shop and enrolled onto the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and began a college course on a Physical Education Course alongside, curricular subjects! With a safe and settled place to live, a consistent and engaged team to support her, she really flourished and to live her life to the full.

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