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Inspire Awards: Winners

On 15th December, we celebrated the winners of our first ever ‘Inspire’ Awards.

This year we wanted to provide a platform for all our teams to use and express their gratitude and publicly acknowledge some of the fantastic contributions that have been made by our team members and so the ‘Inspire’ awards were created, with five individual categories and one team category.

We opened the nomination process and we received 62 heart-felt nominations from across the business and the winners were picked.

Always Growing and Achieving Winner:  Gary LePage (Senior Support Worker)

Gary was described by his colleagues as someone who is always looking to better themselves,  hungry for knowledge and to educate themselves better so that they can support their team and young people o the best of their ability. They are described as ‘shining through’.

Vision and Values Award Winner:  Bridget Drew-Spyer (Locality Manager)

Bridget was described as ‘one of the most inspiring, caring, friendly and lovely ladies’, she is described as ‘approachable and takes time to remind people to ‘reflect’ and ‘grow’. She always finds time to support and guide and invests her time in those around her so that they can develop and grow as individuals. One person described her as ‘a super hero’.

Outstanding Team Award Winner:  The Elms (whole Team)

The Elms team have been described as ‘demonstrating a significant contribution to the success of the business. Time and time again they have gone above and beyond of what is expected of them. They have faced adversity and still remained upbeat, resolute and focused on the end game.

Driving Success Award Winner:  Louise Barrett (Marketing Manager)

Lou was described as ‘utterly focused on the success of NSI and the wellbeing of every single one of our young people’. She is constantly thinking of ‘what is best’ and how she can ‘make it better’. One person pointed out that she is ‘a name known across the company’ while another said she ‘works tirelessly’ and is ‘always happy, cheerful and ready to help’.

Outstanding Team Player Award Winner:  Amanda Arthurs (support worker)

Mandie is recognised as an outstanding member of their team. She is described as a pleasure to work with and someone who shows ‘true team player status’. She is considered the ‘glue’ that holds the team together and despite having a super busy life both inside and outside of work she is always there for her colleagues.

Going above and beyond award Winner:  Anne Phillipson (Financial Controller)

Anne was described as ‘works hard to monitor our finances and to ensure the stability of NSI going forward…and she does all this with a great sense of humour!’


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